Baba eau de parfume.

Parfume kategori eau de parfume yang terbuat dari 80% bibit parfume import paris dan 20% menggunakan cairan air tebu sebagai pengganti alkohol, jadi aman bila di pakai untuk ibadah.
Dengan campuran 80% bibit parfume paris, baba parfume dapat bertahan hingga 8 – 12 jam walaupun kita beraktifitas berat dan berkeringat.

Harga terjangkau untuk parfume kategori eau de parfume.
Untuk harga Rp. 65.000/ btl (isi 35ml )
Khusus untuk reseller” pembelian 12 btl kita kasih harga special dan garansi 100% uang kembali apabila barang tidak laku terjual.
Untuk info lbih lanjut bsa wa/ call.
☎️ WA/ call : 081259115722 ( indri )
Untuk pembelian wilayah denpasar kita bisa antar via grab/ cod.

Indonesia mangrove emergency.

Bali, indonesia – Indonesia is a country wthat has an area of mostly ocean, mangrove forests should need more attention from the government and we should not ignore the proliferation of mangrove forest ecosystems.
Because mangrove forests are very useful to prevent abrasion in an area surrounded by the ocean.

The existence of mangrove forests is very useful
For the safety of the land if there are big waves at any time.
If the mangrove forest is created for the individual interests of human selfishness and only to enrich themselves by prioritizing property development businesses and so on, the longer the islands in Indonesia will be affected by abrasion and sinking.

Therefore let us together encourage and help environmental activists together to protect ecosystems for the balance of nature.

The summit of Mount Agung from the corner of Batur.

BANGLI, BALI – Information at the Batur Geopark Museum in Bangli is written if Bali is on the ring of fire so it is not surprising that there are many volcanoes on the island of a thousand temples.
Two of them are Mount Batur and Mount Agung which have features for the people of Bali. Both of these mountains are considered as a phallus or natural phallus which has important significance in the religious life of the Balinese people.
Mount Agung is considered to be the embodiment of Purusha (male) and Mount Batur is considered as a form of Pradhana (female).
Between Purusha and Pradhana cannot be separated because they always work together to create fertility and create prosperity for the community.
the two mountains have a tight bond that is Mount Agung appeared in the “lap” of Mount Batur after erupting thousands of years ago.
“When Mount Agung erupted in February 1963, Mount Batur also experienced an increase in activity in September of the same year. Mount Agung and Mount Batur were on one plate line.

Since prehistoric times, people have believed that mountains, hills and higher places are sacred places as ancestral spirits’ homes and other centers of natural strength.

This can be seen from the direction facing the sarcophagus or corpse without a container. The direction towards or location of the corpse heads mostly leads to the nearest hill or mountain.

In addition, in daily life, the Balinese people view mountains as a source of life and become a water catchment area where the slopes are overgrown with forests. Because the area is fertile, many people live in the foothills.
This was confirmed by Kadek Arya, one of the residents who lives near Lake Batur. To, a man who works as an onion farmer on the slopes of Mount Batur admitted that the land around Mount Batur is very fertile.
“Anything planted around here definitely grows well including onions. This is also because of the ashes of the eruption of the old Batur mountain,” he explained.
According to him, even though the status of Mount Agung rose to be alert, conditions on Mount Batur were still fine.
Mount Batur is located in Kintamani, Bangli, Bali and is one of the most visited tourist attractions.
In the Mount Batur region there is also a lake with the same name, Lake Batur which is located in a high area, which is 1,050 meters above sea level with an area of ​​16 km square with an average depth of 50.8 km.
From the Batur Geopark Museum data explained, if the first eruption of Mount Batur began in 1804. When it formed the main crater at the summit.
17 years later, in 1821, a second eruption took place from the same crater. In 1849 an eruption took place from the main crater and produced a flow of lava southward to the edge of the lake.
Between the period 1994/1995 until 2003, Mount Batur erupted 5 times, namely between 1994 and 1995. Subsequent eruptions occurred in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000. Eruptions that occurred in 1998 formed a new crater known as Crater 98.

Surfing in blue point bali, indonesia.

Uluwatu has been a popular surfing destination since the 1970s. Waves in this region have caught the attention of the world’s surfers.
The beauty of the Uluwatu waves is often used as one of the locations for national and international surfing competitions.
One of the surf locations is Green Bowl Beach which is one of the beaches with the most challenging access.
In these locations many cliffs so that the beach below the cliffs feels like a private beach. Visitors must go down quite a number of steps to reach them.
There is also an Impossible beach that is ready to provide its own sensation for surfers. This beach is suitable for professional surfers who are hungry for high waves challenging adrenaline.

The best place in bali.

Bali, indonesia – The natural beauty of the island of Bali is always licking tourists to visit. especially for the beauty of the exotic beaches. especially if you want a different natural landscape, the beach in Uluwatu is the best choice for you, especially surfing lovers. here you can enjoy the best waves and attractive beach views faced with rock cliffs and various entertainment on these cliffs.